ADDRESS Life Church Hrdonovicka Street No. 2559/18 19300 Praha-Horni Pocernice Czech Republic Bank Account: Česká spořitelna Bank Account number: 3399338399 Bank code: 0800
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CONTACT +420-774080856 SERVICE TIMES Sundays 11:00


 VACLAV JANČA, PAVEL GREGOR, MAREK BAČO These men and their families have dedicated their lives to live a life that reflects God’s love and his heart for people. They desire to do everything possible to help people to know who God is and to walk with him on a daily basis. Together with an extended team of leaders over various areas of the Church, the needs are met and the work gets done.


JERRY AND ULRIKE LILLARD We moved to the Czech Republic in January 1996 and on February 7th 1998, was our very first meeting in Chodov, and though we have moved often over the years, we now have a permanent location in Horni Pocernice. Here at Life Church we would love the opportunity to introduce you to the living God and help everyone discover real Life. “Loving God and Loving people” has been, and remains the Vision and mission of this Church.




There are many examples in the Bible when the names of people, cities and places were changed. Whenever there was a direction change or a change of purpose there was often a name change as well. “Církev Nová naděje sbor Nové začátky” has been our name since 2009 when we registered the 9 Churches of New Hope. From 1998 till 2009 we were operating as a civic club and we were called simply “Nové začátky”. Each time we reached a milestone in the development of our Church a name change was appropriate. Here we are again; as we enter our 20th year of existance and we are preparing to move into our own building it is once again a great time to change our name to better reflect our mission and direction for the next era of our Church. The name that best reflects who we have become is “Life  Church”. The Christian faith is about relationships rather than rules and more about the person of Jesus Christ than a philosophy. Life Church is all about relationships, of which the most important relationship of all is our relationship with God who loves us, and afterwards this translates into healthy relationships with others. Come see what life can be like with Jesus and be a part of a life giving Church.
THE LIFE STORY EVERY LIFE HAS A STORY, A BEGINNING, A MIDDLE AND AN END. Our Church is no exception, we have a story too. Most stories are written with letters and sentences, but our story is written with the lives of people. It is as alive and as exciting as the people who are a part of this family. Whether you are a long time believer in Jesus Christ or you simply have questions and want to know more about God, you are welcome and we look forward to meet you. Come be a part of the future chapters of our life story.
I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of. - Jesus Christ -